Специальные Информационные

Special Information Systems

We create exclusive information systems, develop custom software, and advance our own technologies that have become the foundation of our best developments.


Since 2011, we have been creating information products, developing custom software, and advancing our own technologies.

During our company's existence, our specialists have developed a unique technological platform called jsBeans that significantly streamlines the process of developing web applications, information-analytical systems, and corporate portals of varying levels of complexity.

One of the key features of the jsBeans platform is the ability to flexibly integrate heterogeneous components into a single corporate infrastructure, as well as link them and implement business logic tasks.

The technology has a low entry threshold and, as a result, allows reducing the costs of software development and maintenance, both for our company and for any other contractor.

Our journey

We brought together specialists with many years of experience in creating information systems, set a strategic goal, and began developing a promising information system that would cover information work in all key areas, providing tools throughout the data processing cycle: primary data collection -> processing and analysis -> visualization -> decision-making -> feedback.

To date, we have developed a fundamental framework, filled it with key modules, and implemented several unique information systems. In terms of data collection, we have created a Social Monitor that monitors social networks 24/7 using intelligent search robots. During the service's operation, we have accumulated unique corpora and honed key solutions. Data visualization and analysis are comprehensively covered by the Cubisio platform, which is also continuing to be filled with additional modules, including machine learning, mathematical analysis blocks, and unstructured information processing. To customize and conveniently adapt the system to any subject area, we have developed and embedded an ontological editor, which is used by analysts and expanded by developers of application functions.

The story continues, and we still have many tasks ahead of us.

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