Cubisio: Agro

System description

The analytical platform for accounting and analysis of industry data in agriculture allows for data collection from commodity producers, assesses the effectiveness of agricultural work, and generates recommendations.

Cubisio: Agro

Key features

Data collection

Collection of industry data from agricultural commodity producers.

Integration with hardware devices 

Connection to data fixation hardware devices in agriculture.


Fine-tuning of rules for determining the indicators of the effectiveness of agricultural work and forming criteria for their improvement.


Data and indicator visualization using specialized widgets.

Cubisio: Agro

Unified system for agricultural land management

Allows for the collection, aggregation, and accounting of industry-verified, georeferenced information about agricultural land.

System description

It is designed to provide up-to-date and reliable information about such lands, including data on their location, condition, and actual use.

Visualization of the results of state monitoring of agricultural land in the form of various thematic layers and industry data.


  - Passportization of agricultural fields;

  - Visualization of populated and abandoned plots;

  - Analysis of plots by type of cultivated crops;

  - Comparison with previous periods.

Cubisio: Agro

Passportization of agricultural fields

It allows for providing extended information about a specific field or about a specific agricultural product of producers.

System description

In Cubisio: Agro, data on agricultural production cooperatives are presented, such as indicators of soil fertility, irrigated lands, condition and indices of development of agricultural vegetation, and agricultural fields affected by fires.


  - determination of the type of cultivated crop;

  - analysis of productivity in the cumulative period;

  - ability to compare with similar fields according to customizable indicators;

  - predictive analysis of soil fertility.

Cubisio: Agro

Unified prediction system

Allows for monitoring and forecasting of food security in the region.

System description

Conducting statistical analysis of the dynamics and trends in the development of agriculture is necessary to identify opportunities for ensuring food security, competitiveness of domestic products, and sustainable development of rural areas.

A system that consolidates all data from primary sources for monitoring and analyzing the entire agriculture and food sector.


  - Visualization of collected data. ;

  - Dynamics of industry development;

  - Forecasting the development of the industry;

  - Making management decisions based on data.

Cubisio: Agro

Digital twin of agriculture

The specified toolkit provides the functionality of such a concept as a socio-economic digital twin of the territory, turning into a real tool for managing regional socio-economic development.

System description

In the end, the system allows for creating a digital twin of agriculture in the region, which includes a set of processes for monitoring, analyzing, forecasting, and planning the development of the territory to support decision-making for managing this area.

The system has predictive potential with a fundamental orientation towards solving tasks that have not yet been formulated, but are promising and potentially possible in the future, with the filling of the information base and analysis of territorial socio-economic processes, including allowing to "add to", "complete", and "shape" the socio-economic reality of the territory.

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